Freak accident leaves competitive gymnast disabled

HOUSTON, Texas -- From one competition to another, Christoffer Cox's family has been right behind him supporting his every move.

This fall, he was set to attend the University of Oklahoma to be a part of the men's gymnastics team, but a freak accident at his friend's house left him disabled back in July.

He suffered a c-5 spinal fracture.

"There have been some hard moments for our family since he has been in this recovery," his father Owen Cox said.

Owen, also a former gymnast, said their community has banded together to offer prayer, words of encouragement, and even fundraising like this GoFundMe account, gaining more attention by the minute. It is something Christoffer, a young man of faith, truly appreciates.

"So much support and boost my morale," he said. "(It) motivates me."

He's now fortunate to be at TIRR Memorial Hermann -- a rehabilitation hospital -- with his familiy still rallying behind him.

His parents and sister let him know that the incredible gymnast he is still lives within him.

"He didn't lose it, he's not going to lose it, and he uses it every day when he comes to this gym excited to work out, just like he did when he was a gymnast," Owen said.

Christoffer has made some progress and is now able to sit up on his own.

"Nothing is impossible, you can do what you put your mind to," Christoffer said. "You have to be patient with some things."

One prayer at a time, the family knows they will get through this.
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