Double the fun in Clayton: Snow, fireworks on the same day

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Fireworks in Clayton,
Fireworks in Clayton,

CLAYTON (WTVD) -- North Carolina residents across the state seemed excited about the snow flurries Monday. In Clayton, they got so pumped up the city set off fireworks to celebrate.

OK, that may be a stretch, but if you were in Clayton on Monday, you could have seen snow and pyrotechnics.

The Clayton Parks and Recreation Department was doing a test run for the annual Fourth of July celebration in Municipal Park.

Homes being built near the park are forcing the town to adjust the fireworks show. When the pyrotechnics company said it would be passing through Clayton after doing some New Year's fireworks shows, town leaders decided it would be wise to do a brief demo, as the July 4 celebration is a huge event that's been attracting thousands of people for more than 30 years.

Tonight's "Fourth of January" show only lasted a few minutes, but made some big booms and gave the town some good visuals and a good story on the day when fire and snow met.

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