Columbine survivor reflects on Colorado shooting, other safety concerns

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Cary mom who survived the Columbine High School shooting 20 years ago is reacting to Tuesday's shooting in Colorado.

"Surviving Columbine used to define me initially and I didn't want to," said Kacey Johnson, who moved to North Carolina two years ago.

She has four kids and has since written a book about her experience.

"It took 10 years of healing and working through PTSD to figure out how I wanted to use that in my life going forward," she said. "It hits really close to home. I have friends whose kids go to that school."

Johnson said it has shaped her but it "has helped shape me and help me grow in areas that I want to develop as a wife and as a mom."

Other parents in Wake County expressed their concerns about school safety.

"I'm not worried about 9/11 type stuff with a school," said Matt McCoy, who has four kids and lives in Garner. "I'm worried about mental health and gun control--whatever way you want to look at it from. You don't want to freak your kids out. You don't want to go overboard. I don't know how much you can do as a parent except train them to know that crazy stuff happens and you need to keep calm."

The Child Mind Institute recommends being proactive with your children and especially talking to them after a school shooting.

They also say that while active shooter drills are common these days, they want you to remind your kids that like fire drills, the events don't happen often but you have to be prepared.
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