2 dams damaged by Hurricane Matthew in need of repair

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- Two dams that were damaged by Hurricane Matthew have still not been repaired.

Mirror Lake's dam was completely washed out while the Devonwood lower dam suffered thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Last April, the council approved funding for repairs with hopes that FEMA would step in and reimburse some of the costs; however, city leaders claimed FEMA never responded to their reimbursement request.

If work doesn't begin within the next eight months, the Devonwood dam will be declared a wetland after being empty for two years.

"We need to get on with the repairs. The way it's established, we can't do the reapirs until FEMA approves all the money or the city loses the opportunity to get reimbursed for the money. So we don't wanna do that or lose that opportunity. Because now we are taking money that the city could be using in other areas and spending it on this," said Councilmember Jim Arp.

FEMA state and city leaders surveyed the damage at Devonwood dam today.

FEMA representatives said the survey is the first step in the reimbursement process.

"Anytime you have a project that large and complex it's going to take time," said FEMA representative David Mace.

Meanwhile, residents who live on Devonwood hope that leaders can reach an agreement soon.

"I have family that loves to come over here, look at the lake and fish in there," said Cristobal Reyes-Carrion.

Carrion has been working on building a 15-foot pier on his property in anticipation of the lake, but he's concerned with the progress.

"You see all the stumps, holes and trash. I'm happy if the city will fix it or fill it up," said Carrion.

Over at Mirror Lake, an open house is planned for the public.

Representatives from the city and engineering firms involved with the project will answer all questions.

Construction is expected to begin this summer.
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