6 local topics that drove Raleigh's conversation on Twitter

It was a historic moment for North Carolina.

@TimBoyumTV's tweet became one of the week's most-liked and -shared among Raleigh's Twitter users, with 953 local retweets, favorites, quotes and replies as of this writing. But tweets from people in the city -- over 348,000 posted between Feb. 7 and Feb. 13 -- ran the gamut from sports history to police recruits to the latest weird weather pattern.

It can be hard to make sense of the sometimes chaotic stream of information on Twitter, so Hoodline analyzed data from Raleigh's Twitter users to identify which local events, issues and curiosities got people most interested in the past week.

NC State football Coach Dave Doeren was behind the No. 2 most popular local tweet, as he looked ahead to another season at The Carter. Nearly 900 Raleigh Tweeters amplified his message:

This nice shot from @RexHealthcare was high on the list as well, showing NC Heart & Vascular Hospital turning red after a Hurricanes OT win:

What else captured your attention on Twitter?

This blast from the past courtesy of @NCStateProvost got a lot of local love on Twitter:

The highway patrol welcomed a new class of recruits:

And finally, two weather records are better than one: