Children's Business Fair brings young entrepreneurs to Bull City

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Business owners, not yet old enough to vote or drive, swarmed to downtown Durham just up the street from the Durham Farmer's Market for the first Children's Business Fair.

Entrepreneurs from 30 schools in the Triangle gave their best pitch to potential customers.

"The Children's Business Fair is a chance for six to fourteen years old to come and sell the products they made," said Trevor Smith, who helped organized the fair.

Sixty-five kids and over 30 teams brought their ideas ideas to life, including sister duo Zoey and Zayda Ganzhorn.

"Ice packs are kind of expensive," Zayda said.

They created a different type of ice pack after multiple injuries as competitive athletes.

"Regular ice packs -- they can leave like burns on your skin if you don't use them properly, these don't do that, " Zoey said.

The duo's target customers are athletes.

"We wanted to pitch our idea and put it out there because a lot of people just spend their money on regular ice packs," Zoey added.

Their ice packs double as heat packs and cost $5.

"When kids get hurt and they don't have an ice pack around -- these are really handy," Zoey said.

Four judges will award prizes to their potential future competitors based on sales pitch, presentation and product.

"The goal for today is for kids to realize they can start something if they want to," Smith said.
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