'They just want to look beautiful': Durham hair resolution gives some women peace of mind

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's the business of beauty.

But for many, they've had to choose between their hair or their profession, especially women of color.

"I had a job before where they're like, 'oh, your hair is too flamboyant. You can't wear your hair like this. You can wear your hair like that. That's not professional,'" said Zakiyah Lawton, Stylz Unlimited stylist.

But the city of Durham now making sure no one will have to make that choice.

"To deny them economic opportunity just for the way they wear their hair is really anti-American," said Satana Deberry, Durham County District Attorney.

The Durham City Council unanimously passed a resolution to ban employers from discriminating against a person's hairstyle.

"In a place like Durham where we want to see everybody succeed and everybody have a fair chance, it's really important that we get ahead of this in North Carolina," Deberry said.

Cutting out any questions and moving toward a more inclusive future.

"They just want to look beautiful, honestly. They want to leave out like a million dollars," Lawton said.

The city council is expected to pass the ordinance on Thursday. If so, Durham will become one of the first cities in the state to have this type of protection for employees.
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