Mount Zion Baptist Church gives away free gas in Raleigh to those in need

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- There's nothing like scoring something nice for free. Especially when you begin the Memorial Day weekend without a clue that your life's about to change.

Some of you may have believed you were hearing things when we announced a generous offer during our Saturday morning newscasts.

Those who passed on the offer may believe it was too good to be true.

But those who pulled up to the pumps at a Murphy USA gas station quickly learned they arrived in the right place for a really big break for their budget.

"We are Mount Zion! We're giving out free gas, $20 a fill up," shouted a man from the church as smiles spread among those waiting in line.

ABC11 asked one man how it felt getting free gas.

"I feel blessed, man," said Derek Smith as he waited for his turn. "I'm glad I heard the radio station and came on in!."

Bryan J. Pierce Sr. is the senior pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, located in Guilford County.

"This is a part of our Serve The City Movement, which takes place normally in the city of Greensboro. This year we decided to expand to the RDU area," Price Sr. said.

The offer wasn't unlimited. Just two hours and 15 minutes after their first fill up, the church members wrapped up the full service gas station portion of their day.

Just in time, said Smith: "I didn't think I would get here in time, but I got here in time. Me and my girlfriend came on in!"

Next stop for the church members and their pastor? Cary--where later in the afternoon they hosted a cookout for another neighborhood.
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