#NCAT and other trends, according to Raleigh's 348K tweets this week

Photo: @raleighpolice/Twitter

Twitter users whose profiles place them in Raleigh generated 348,831 tweets and retweets between Jan. 14 and Jan. 20. So what hot topics drove all that conversation?

Hoodline sifted through a week's worth of the city's loud and chaotic stream of tweets to find the city's top trending hashtags, ranking each term by finding the hashtags that spent the most hours in the top 20.

Last week's top trending hashtag in Raleigh was #NCAT, which trended for 39 hours.

Raleigh's second-place trending hashtag was #MondayMotivation, which trended for 17 hours, followed by #Patriots, which trended for 13 hours.

Raleigh was ahead of the curve on #AFCChampionship, which trended nationally for 10 hours, and locally for 17 hours. The city's tweeters were less interested in #MLKDay, whose local trend duration couldn't match its national popularity.

The number one tweet that people in Raleigh retweeted last week was from @egg_rt_record, an account apparently made to get the record for the most retweets. It's a photo of a brown egg standing on its end. As of this writing, it had a million retweets, 271 from Raleigh users. But it has a ways to go: The retweet record is north of 5 million.

In the number two most-retweeted spot was a Jan. 17 tweet by @BarackObama, wishing Michelle Obama a happy birthday. It has earned 185,000 retweets, 150 of them from Raleigh.

In third was a tweet from user @loonavesres lauding Gillette's #MeToo ad that drew praise and criticism last week for taking on toxic masculinity. The tweet had 214,500 retweets as of this writing, 106 from Raleigh.


To take the temperature on social media each week, we collect all tweets from Raleigh-based Twitter users and those tweets tagged with locations in the city, then apply our own complex analytical tools to refine the flood of tweets into a coherent analysis of the city's week on social media.

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