Troubleshooter helps Cary cheer team get uniforms

CARY, NC (WTVD) -- The Inspire Athletics Superstars, an inclusive cheer group for children and young adults with special needs, work together as a team to compete in local competitions.

Most of the team's needs range from down syndrome to autism, but Connie Barnes, who helps to organize the team, said they can take anyone with a disability.

"We're inclusive, we've never denied anybody. It doesn't matter what their special need is," said Connie.

This year, the team did several fundraising activities for new uniforms.

Once they raised enough money, Connie ordered the uniforms through

"We have special needs kids so we need special sizes, so they were willing to work with me and cut special sizes," said Connie.

Connie paid in full at the time she ordered the uniforms.

After a few weeks, she heard from the company that there were problems.

"They were trying to get the trim, and the trim was re-ordered seven times. I called for about three, four, five weeks. I just kept calling and writing them emails and begging for an update," said Connie.

Connie said the updates were not coming, and it was getting close to competition time.

Connie reached out to me, and I reached out to

"That's when things started rolling, when they heard from you," said Connie.

As of today part of the uniforms are supposed to be in the mail.

The uniforms did not arrive in time for their first competition; the team did have to wear their practice uniforms.

It still took several weeks, and a lot more phone calls and emails but eventually, the team did get their uniforms.

The Inspire Athletics Superstars got to wear their new uniforms in their most recent competition and they looked great!

"Thanks for all your help because I don't know if I would have heard from them if you wouldn't have made the call," said Connie.

No one from could explain the delays. In fact, now it appears the company is now out of business.

As for Inspire Athletics Superstars, Connie said the cheer world has fully embraced the team.
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