Coronavirus NC: Random acts of kindness raising spirits during tough times

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Even during the toughest of times, people are finding ways to spread positivity and cheer.

In Cary, sidewalk chalk messages like "stay strong," "dance first think later" and "you can" are meant to raise spirits.

"I think it's great. It's an uplifting thing to help in this crisis," said Carole Marrin.


Marrin is a parent to a senior at Panther Creek High School and on Friday, along with other senior parents, she added some words of encouragement on her driveway.

"We as parents at PC are trying to just give our seniors who have lost the activities and stuff we were able to do as seniors," she said. "Just trying to help uplift them."

Hershey Creamery handed out 1,600 ice creams to children at the Spot in Wilson.

Our very own Mark Armstrong's wife, Mae, is making acrylic hooks to donate to local health care workers.

Friends are reading to each other through doors.

Families are putting up Christmas lights to spread cheer.

If you've seen random acts of kindness in your neighborhood or anywhere else be sure to let us know.

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