Coronavirus NC: Hillsborough woman sews masks, creates how-to video

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Growing up, Bernadette Haubert participated in activities a lot of children do, such as Girl Scouts and home economics, but she never anticipated the skills she learned then would be useful during a global pandemic.

"There was just a real lack of resources in our community," she said. "I wanted to do something to help those in need and I've always been able to sew. I figured this is something I could do at home while not at work to help those in need."

In just one week each day after work, Haubert made 150 masks. She then donated those to people including the Hillsborough Police Department.

"They're the ones that know who needs the supplies the most," Haubert said. "They're out there doing everything they can to keep everybody safe and so we thought that was going to be the best place to donate them to."

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Haubert went a step farther and made a tutorial video so that people can learn to make masks at home.

"You actually just take a large square and you fold the bottom two corners up, so they overlap and fold the sides in," she said. "It creates four layers of fabric, that way you have a good barrier. I used a real soft knit like what you would find in a comfy T-shirt as straps so there's one strap that goes over your head."

Haubert said the one thing she's learned throughout this process and during the COVID-19 pandemic is to just be kind.

"This virus has affected every single person out there," she said. "There's not a single life that hasn't been touched by it in some way and you never know what somebody else is struggling with."
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