Nurse's purse stolen out of van at Raleigh day care

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Natalie Savieo is a nurse, and is considered an essential employee, reporting to work daily during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I do have to come to work every day, which I love my job," the Raleigh resident said. "I'm very thankful to be a nurse."

But Thursday, when she dropped off her baby girl at Bright Horizons Early Education & Preschool on Corporate Center Drive in Raleigh, a thief stole her purse, wallet, phone and credit card from her van.

Cary Police say two similar thefts were reported at day care centers there Thursday morning, one at Kinder Care at 1118 SE Maynard Road and the other at Kinder Care, 8050 Chapel Hill Road.

"I feel violated," Savieo said. "It's just, in these times, especially I'm a nurse, and so I have to come to work, regardless of what's going on in the world. I cannot work from home. I do have to be here to take care of everyone here. It's just kind of a smack in the face."'

Savieo's credit card company alerted her that somebody was using her card to try to buy $1,000 worth of gift cards at Harris Teeter. Thankfully, the thief was not able to make that purchase. But the rest of her things were gone. Savieo admitted she didn't lock her van.

"Keep your doors locked," Savieo said. "You just never know, especially in times like this, of high stress. I feel like we make ourselves more vulnerable to situations like this. We just overlook locking the door."

Cary Police said they're still investigating their cases.

ABC11 reached out to Bright Horizons but has not yet heard back.
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