Social distancing forces Fort Bragg soldier to visit ill dad through window

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- While many are struggling with isolation as the new normal, it's not stopping a Fort Bragg soldier from seeing his father.

After a nine-month overseas deployment to Afghanistan, Cap. Michael Reid Jr. entered a two-week quarantine. Once he was cleared, he went to see his dad, but their visit was separated by a window.

"It was like once he saw me, it became reality for him that I was back home. I'm safe," said Reid. "Even though I'm 31 years old he still looks at me like I'm his baby child. Before I deployed, my father had recently had a stroke. In the midst of that, he lost his mother."


Staffers at the Addison Living Facility told ABC11 they've had countless window visits between residents and their families, but nothing quite like this.

The visit occurred from Michael Sr.'s bedroom window. It was a very special reunion as three generations reunited for the first time in a year. It became clear that not even a window can separate their love.

"I'm not very good at showing emotion, but at the same time, I admit it was a great experience," Reid said.
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