Former UNC star Brice Johnson waiting out basketball season in France amid COVID-19 pandemic

Former UNC basketball player Brice Johnson is now playing in Roanne, France. He is currently on standby waiting to see if he'll get to finish out the season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"They gave us some weights and bands to do flexibility and little things you can do at home," said Johnson. "Obviously push-ups, sit-ups but I think the biggest thing I'm probably going to miss is the little cardio part being able to run. I'll figure out how to do that. I'll probably go run up and down the stairs, in this building there are a lot of stairs."

Johnson is feeling the way many of us are -- a little lost without sports.

"Watching how the world reacted to college basketball being canceled the NBA being canceled, it was just wow," Johnson said. "Especially from someone like me who loves to watch basketball all the time it was kind of just like 'wow what do I watch.'"

Not having basketball on TV or any new games has shown Johnson how much people rely on sports.

"Just off of playing at Carolina... just how much influence that holds in itself and seeing it on a global stage, now being over here in France in Roanne, the town lives, eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. If basketball isn't going on, there's literally nothing going on here."

Time away from basketball is giving Johnson an opportunity to focus on other cooking and watching movies...while also teaching himself some lessons.

"Hopefully it will all just pass over eventually," he said. "You just have to wait it out. It just teaches you patience. You've just got to sit there and wait on it. Hopefully, I can come home eventually because I do miss home."
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