How home health care workers care for at-risk population to prevent severe COVID-19 symptoms

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Millions across the country are quarantined and practicing social distancing to protect themselves and those who are more vulnerable to severe complications from the novel coronavirus--including those over 65 and people with underlying health conditions.

But home health care workers, like those that work for B&C Home Care, are among the professionals who don't have the ability to stay home.

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"They're on the front lines with this and we appreciate them," said Felicia Robinson, a spokesperson for B&C Home Care.

B&C aides care for the novel coronavirus's most at-risk population; older adults and those with underlying health concerns. While ABC11 reporter Morgan Norwood kept her social distance and didn't enter the homes, Robinson said her employees don't have that option.

"I mean you have no know you have to touch someone and get close to them, so that whole six-feet thing is really tough when you're caring for someone. But we also ask them to make sure they clean themselves and make sure they clean themselves when they leave a client," said Robinson.

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B&C said its aides are trained to notice the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. They're also encouraged to keep their patients active and stimulated to avoid adverse mental health effects.
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