NBA great Charles Barkley self-quarantining while waiting for coronavirus test results

NBA great and longtime commentator Charles Barkley was not on the "Inside The NBA" broadcast Thursday night and revealed that he is self-quarantining for 48 hours because he has not felt well since a recent trip to New York.

Barkley said he has been tested for COVID-19 and has not yet received the results. "This thing is so scary," Barkley said.

"I went and took the coronavirus test late this afternoon," Barkley said. "I have not gotten the results back. So, I just kind of in limbo right now. I'm really hoping it was just a bug. Like I said, I was in New York earlier this week because that was a hot spot. And when I got to Atlanta, I just wasn't feeling well. But I took the test, I haven't gotten the results back, but that's where I'm at right now."

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday night that the league's hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic will likely last at least a month, or roughly what would have been the remainder of an uninterrupted regular season. The league suspended play Wednesday night after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, or COVID-19. A second Jazz player, Donovan Mitchell, said Thursday that he has also tested positive.

The 30-day minimum hiatus would mean no games until at least April 10.

Celebrities like Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson have also contracted the coronavirus.
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