Cookie decorating, virtual museum tours help kids keep busy while stuck at home during coronavirus outbreak

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WTVD) -- With no physical classes at East Carolina University to worry about at the moment, junior Madison Resavy is back home in Holly Springs working on her side hustle. Resavy is making Easter-themed cookie kits for parents and children to decorate together -- an idea that spawned from Instagram.

"I was scrolling and I saw something kind of similar to it and I was like that would be a really good idea because everyone is stuck inside. So I figured that would give the parents something to do to occupy their kids. So I thought, 'oh, that's a really good idea,' so I just posted it and bought all my ingredients and just went to it."

The cookie kit is a hit. Resavy sold 35 last week and has another order for next week. She's always loved to bake and is happy to provide the service for her neighbors.


Resavy's two brothers have a lawn-care business and her mom, Christa, owns a Burn Boot Camp gym in Albany, New York The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"I guess just seeing us hustle and work really hard, we've taught that to our kids," her mother said. "They can see what benefits you can reap from that so they have followed in our footsteps."

Resavy is studying interior design but hopes to one day own her own bakery.

If baking cookies isn't your thing, there are other activities for your children that don't involve food, such as virtual learning on museum websites.

"If they are at home and they are struggling to find things to do, log in to our website; you won't be disappointed," said B.J. Davis, who works at the NC Museum Of History in Raleigh.

With all museums closed to foot traffic, Davis is encouraging children and adults to take advantage of virtual tours of exhibits, videos and podcasts online.

"We've basically taken all of those materials and put them in one place. If they weren't taking advantage of our live streaming, now is a good opportunity to do that," Davis said.

The Museum Of Art is also encouraging people to explore its online content, including exhibit tours and behind-the-scene tours. Who knows? The videos may inspire youngsters to create their own art.
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