Dad blown away by savings after his first Costco trip

LOS ANGELES -- Who knew a trip to Costco could bring so much joy!

A Southern California dad was blown away by unbelievable savings he made on his first trip to Costco, and Twitter is loving his reaction.

TJ Musto shared video of his father showing off his purchases saying, "My dad went to Costco for the first time in his life."

In the video, "Costco dad" is completely floored at how much money he saved on sauce, water, sausage and other items.

"These sausages - I think were 8 bucks!" he said.

The internet is developing a collective crush, with some referring to him as "Hot Costco Dad."

As of Wednesday, the video had more than five million views on Twitter.

The video ends with dad laughing and exclaiming, "Stephanie said she's getting me a Costco card for my birthday."

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