'She's perfect in every way' Couple describes delivering daughter roadside Thanksgiving weekend

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Jimmy and Laura Baker say they have been in a whirlwind after delivering their newborn daughter Halyn roadside.

The five pound, 15-ounce infant was born in the couple's mini-van on November 24 at 11:14 p.m. during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

"She's perfect in every way. Every body's good. Mom's good. Dad's good. We're good," The couple stated together.

The quick and sudden delivery began Saturday night when Laura's contractions intensified. "We didn't have time to be scared, or worried," said Mrs. Baker.

The Nash County couple hopped on Highway 64 and sped to the hospital in Wake County.

That's when they spotted State Highway Patrolman Sgt. Brian Maynard near exit 429.

"I need help, or we need help," Mr. Baker said. "I told him what was going on. When we pulled over my water had broke. So I'm telling them the water broke. She's crowning. She's in my pants, you guys. You gotta help me out here."

Sgt. Maynard immediately called for help. "I said ok well we're going to do this right here me and you. I contacted EMS," Maynard said.

Easter Wake paramedics Charlie Honeycutt and Dani Walker arrived within minutes to welcome Halyn to the world.

"Charlie said okay I'm going to go get a blanket. I said ok I'll be right here," said Walker. "He went and got a blanket and I caught her. Charlie swept her away and everything went really well. We're lucky."

The couple said they are thankful for all the first responders who helped with the delivery.

"Jimmy got to cut the cord still," Mrs. Baker stated. "Without Dani or Charlie and the trooper. It was a team effort. Everybody did their part. It was great teamwork it was awesome."

First responders often times are helping people in the worst moments of their lives.

They told ABC11 receiving Baker's call was a gift, and it set the tone for the holiday weekend.

The Baker family left the hospital Monday to go home, where Halyn's big sister, who is also under the age of two, is anxious to meet her.
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