YMCA supports students with online learning during COVID-19 pandemic

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A North Carolina Alliance of YMCAs study found there were 57 COVID-19 cases in 89 YMCAs in the state between September 4 and November 30 and no clusters. That's out of nearly 1.3 million visits.

"Compared to the number of folks in our facilities using us each day is insignificant compared to, again, the number of folks coming in and utilizing us," said Tony Campione, Chief Experience Officer of YMCA of the Triangle. "So we feel very confident in our ability to run our programs, healthy, safe and keep people distanced appropriately."

The YMCA is taking on an important role during the pandemic, supporting students with remote learning while many of their parents work.

"We obviously don't have the same numbers of the school system so we're able to have smaller sizes and really kind of isolate and use different rooms throughout out facilities to keep those students isolated and in cohorts together so that we're able to assist them with the remote learning," Campione said.

ABC11 got a tour of the A.E. Finley YMCA in Raleigh and saw the safety protocols they're taking.

Members and staff get temperature checks before entering. Everyone must wear masks, socially distance and sanitize their hands.

Campione said they also clean facilities throughout the day and have air filters that improve circulation.

Members can still swim at the YMCA but they have to reserve a lane first. They're also making other changes to their fitness activities, such as taking some classes outside.

"Obviously with reduced class sizes and reservations but we've also brought outdoor heaters and so our cycling classes at some locations are outside under the heaters," said Campione. "But members have been very receptive and eager to attend and have a good time."
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