Scammers create fake COVID-19 vaccine surveys in new ploy to snag your hard earned cash

Scammers continue to try and find ways to capitalize off of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have warned you about watching out for Fake vaccine cards, now you also have to watch out for fake vaccine surveys.

The US Justice Department issued a warning about phony vaccine surveys designed to lure you in with the promise of a prize or money if you fill out the survey.

However, the reality is that scammers are just hoping to steal your identity or banking information.

The Justice Department said consumers are getting the surveys via email or text message, and once you fill it out as a thank you, you are offered various prizes, like a new iPad pro.

All you have to do is pay shipping and handling to get the item in the mail. Of course, the scammers are asking for payment via credit or gift cards.

Besides exposing your personal and financial information if you fill out this fake survey, you could also be giving scammers sensitive medical information. Also, remember to not click on any links in unsolicited emails or text messages.
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