Targeted COVID-19 boosters available this week in North Carolina

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Monday, September 5, 2022
Targeted COVID-19 boosters available this week
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Updated COVID-19 booster shots, which target omicron subvariants, will be available in North Carolina this week.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Updated COVID-19 booster shots, which target omicron subvariants, will be available in North Carolina this week.

Appointments for the boosters are expected to begin Wednesday in Wake County; Walgreens is already making appointments. Durham and Cumberland counties have not released any specific plans for when they will roll out the new boosters.

While COVID-19 cases have been increasing lately, and these boosters are tailored specifically to fight off the subvariants driving those new cases, reactions to the latest rollout appear mixed.

For Lorenzo Harrison, a retired Army veteran, he's ready to make an appointment and get the new booster.

"As soon as I'm able to take it I'm going to take it," he said.

WATCH: CDC endorses updated COVID boosters for fall season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday endorsed the tweaked COVID booster shots made by Pfizer and rival Moderna.

Emerson and Jonathan Bethel will be right there as well.

"I'm very confident. If that's what the doctors recommend that's what we will do," Emerson said. "They know more about this than we do. So, I'm happy to protect the public and do our part "

"I did get COVID after I got the booster, but super, super mild. So, I believe if I hadn't gotten any of the vaccines it would have probably been worse and that's what the CDC and other doctors have said," Jonathan said. "I trust them so I was happy to get the booster. If they say we should get one more I'll get another one."

People 12 and older will be able to get the Pfizer booster. People 18 and older will be eligible for the Moderna booster. Experts said the key is to make sure you're at least two months out from your last COVID-19 vaccine dose.

However, some people said they're not in a hurry to get this new booster.

"It is definitely something on the radar but not in a huge hurry like I would have been maybe a year ago to go and get it done as soon as possible," Jimmy Naughton said.

Experts urge these upgraded boosters could help the nation avoid a fall surge in COVID-19 cases. According to the CDC, boosters in September could prevent more than 100,000 hospitalizations compared to a rollout in November.