Coyote terrorizes Wake County community

Elaina Athans Image
Thursday, July 26, 2018

GARNER, NC (WTVD) -- Some Garner residents are living in fear and even arming themselves after a coyote was seen wandering around the area and even coming up to kids playing during broad daylight.

The animal has been roaming around Glen Creek Trail in a new housing development.

The coyote looks emaciated and old, according to some pictures that were shared with ABC11.

Residents are highly concerned the coyote has rabies, but they don't know for sure since the animal hasn't been caught or tested.

"It started getting more brazen and coming out at eight in the morning or seven o'clock at night when our families are outside and our kids are riding bikes," said resident Kari Breed.

Folks have felt essentially trapped in their homes.

"You don't want to live like that," said Breed, who explained her husband tried throwing rocks at the coyote for it to leave. "It had no concern for human interaction. It wasn't scared or anything, and they were firing shotguns into the woods or pellet guns at the animal and it was not moving."

Wake County Animal Control did come out to the neighborhood.

Director Dr. Jennifer Frederico said that animals with rabies tend to be aggressive, which is unlikely in this case.

She is encouraging residents to not take matters into their own hands and instead call Animal Control if the coyote is again spotted.