Coyote fears have Raleigh neighborhood on alert

DeJuan Hoggard Image
Friday, July 20, 2018

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- A recent coyote sighting as mentioned on Nextdoor in the Southall neighborhood of Raleigh has residents on the lookout. A poster, Christina Asti, said a coyote walked in front of her car, stood for a moment, and then went toward the curb at the intersection of New Hope Road and Marsh Creek.

Nearby residents told ABC11 on Friday they were aware of the coyote sighting but had not seen anything. Parents, specifically, said they would be more mindful of the safety of their children with a coyote in the neighborhood.

The posting left one neighbor particularly concerned for her Pomeranian.

"It's concerning," said resident Leslie Ansley. "(The coyote) could be carrying rabies ... so anything can happen ... because they're predators."

Her dog, Simba, was recently in the backyard when Ansley said she heard a "yelp" and called out for Simba. Thankfully, as Ansley put it, nothing was wrong with her dog.

Thursday evening, however, Ansley was on alert.

"Last night, I panicked," she said. Ansley plans to install more lights and motion detectors behind her home. She is unsure if that move will help, "but at least I'll get to see what's moving back there."

Ansley showed ABC11 a spot along her fence in the backyard where something has been digging at the base of her fence.

"It's deeper than it was it looks like," Ansley noticed. "They're pack animals. So one might not bother my dog, but three or four would. They see him, it's lunchtime. Right?"