Are you spotting more coyotes? Biologist explains why

Have you been seeing more coyotes as of late? Well, you're not alone. Biologists say reports are more common in the fall months.

According to biologists with the NC Wildlife Resources, it's common for North Carolinians to report seeing and hearing coyotes more often in the months of October and November.

Fall is the time of year when coyotes born in the early spring begin leaving their parents' territory to find a mate and establish their own territory.

According to new data, Wake County leads the state in coyote sightings. In 2018, there were 76 coyote sightings reported in Wake County and 23 reported in Cumberland County.

To keep coyotes and other wildlife from visiting your home, officials say you should:

  • Secure your garbage cans
  • Keep birdseed off the ground
  • Remove fallen fruit from trees
  • Feed pets indoors/Remove food when pet is finished eating outside
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