Save money by negotiating credit card fees

Credit card fees add up quickly, but picking up the phone could help you save on those fees.

There are so many credit cards out there to choose from, and what you need to remember is they want you as a customer. Whether you get charged a late fee or want to lower your interest rate, it's worth picking up the phone to call to see if that fee can be waived.

According to WalletHub, men are twice as likely to call a credit card company and ask for an annual fee to be waived than women. The company also found out roughly seven out of 10 people who call end up getting a fee waived.

The Troubleshooter Takeaways are to negotiate. If you're paying a high-interest rate, call and try and negotiate a lower rate.

Next, try and get those late fees waived, by saying you forgot to make a payment but can make that payment right now, if they waive that fee. Also play the loyalty card when it comes to getting annual credit card fees waived, tell them you're a loyal customer, but you've shopped around and thought about switching to a competitor that doesn't charge a fee for the first year.

The bottom line, make the call as it never hurts to ask.
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