Credit card debt: Swiping sensibly and keeping a budget

North Carolina is the ninth highest state in the country when it comes to the average credit card debt per household.

Swiping is easy, but there are consequences.

Before you rack up a hefty credit card bill, here are some suggestions from a money expert about what you can do to stay on a budget.

"The first thing I always tell people is to write it down make a list." Said Alex Sutherland with Lifeplan Group.

Mark down what you owe and the different interest rates. Prioritize what needs money the most.

If the credit card is a problem, carry cash.

Don't bury the stress of credit card debt - address it. Otherwise, it could get worse...Why? That pesky interest!

That's the challenge with compounding interest is as we charge money to our credit card our bill is going to get higher and higher and higher. And that's going to affect us down the road like saving for retirement or when you want to buy a car or a house other mistakes to avoid? Using that credit card as an ATM. Don't use it to get cash

"They're going to charge really high-interest rates and that can be a big problem," Sutherland said.

Know your credit limit, but know that credit cards aren't always bad. If you're looking to add new plastic to your wallet, consider the interest and the terms. Is cash back offered? What's the points situation?

"You have to use it properly to take advantage of those things," Sutherland said.
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