Customer's credit card dispute wrongly snaps $6,500 from North Carolina business owner

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Friday, March 5, 2021
Credit card dispute puts local NC business in jeopardy
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"You hit the nerve because it worked:" A North Carolina small business owner was out thousands of dollars until he contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

A North Carolina small business owner was out thousands of dollars over a credit card charge dispute.

"If it was a small amount, I would probably would have just let it go," said Donald Scherr who owns a plastic bag distribution company.

The problem started after a long-time customer recently disputed a purchase.

"He placed an order for $6,500 which was way over what he was normally purchasing."

The customer charged the order on his American Express and Scherr was paid, so he sent the bags.

"A week later I got a dispute charge and the money was taken back," Scherr explained.

Scherr was confused about how the money could be taken back as he had the delivery confirmation to show the order was delivered to the office of the customer.

He said the customer told American Express the order arrived late and that's why he disputed the charge.

"I've been dealing with the guy for years. He knows how long it takes to get from my warehouse to his location."

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However, the chargeback still stood and Scherr was out nearly $6,500 as well as the product that he had sent to the customer--which was never returned.

Instead of giving up Scherr got in touch with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. She reached out to American Express, who in turn worked directly with Scherr.

"You hit the nerve because it worked."


Scherr said a representative with American Express apologized and more importantly, he got his $6,500 from the order. That money, according to Sherr, kept his business afloat.

As for customers, credit cards do offer the most protection against fraud. However, you should remember that disputing a charge will take money out of the hands of business owners. Moreover, you should always keep documentation to prove why you are disputing the charge.