Crime catches up with technology in Cary drug bust

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A call to Cary police about the smell of pot at a local hotel illustrates how crime is catching up with technology.

In this case, it's vaping - a technology that's become especially attractive to young people.

But the vaping operation they found involves the active ingredient in marijuana - THC.

On Tuesday, police said a caller from the Hampton Inn on Chapel Hill Road said the smell of marijuana was permeating the entire first floor.

When investigators finally honed in on a specific room they said one suspect jumped out a window and got away.

They also said they found a second suspect inside trying to flush liquified THC down the toilet.

Two mothers of middle schoolers who work in Cary told ABC11 on Wednesday they were already worried about nicotine vaping.

"I know they tend to make it look pretty cool with the flavors and the kids are getting into that," said Crystal Sawyer.

She and her friend, Dawn Peters, were surprised when told of the bust at the Hampton Inn.

"Oh, wow. So we just moved from nicotine to marijuana. That's pretty dangerous especially for young kids," Peters said.

Peters fears a child open to the idea of vaping flavored nicotine may inadvertently vape a marijuana product.

"You never know what somebody might give a kid and say, 'Oh, try this,' and somebody not really paying attention would, you know, would try and you never know what happens," she said.

Cary police have charged Joseph Webb, of Wilmington, with felony possession of marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, and possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver marijuana.

Authorities are still looking for the second suspect.
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