Crime lab firearms examiner injured when gun accidentally goes off

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A firearms examiner was injured at the state crime lab in Raleigh when a gun accidentally went off.

The SBI examiner has not been identified but officials with the North Carolina Department of Justice say her injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

It happened just before noon Thursday at the facility off Tyron Road in Raleigh.

"An employee in the State Crime Lab's firearms section accidentally discharged a weapon during forensic testing," according to NCDOJ spokeswoman Laura Brewer.

When ABC11 arrived on scene, seven Raleigh police officers were there as well as paramedics.

When an ambulance pulled away from the crime lab, it was moving slowly and did not use flashing lights or a siren.

Soon after police also left the scene.

Brewer told ABC11 via email, "We're not aware of anything like this happening in the past."

About the injured examiner she added, "All of us at NCDOJ are thinking of her at this time and hope for a speedy recovery."
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