Tori Did That: Curls come to life at Philly's newest 'curly-hair-only' salon

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Curls come to life at Tori Did That, Philly's curly-hair-only salon
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Calling all curlies...Tori Has Your Curls Covered!

PHILADELPHIA -- Tori McCutcheon first started focusing on curly hair three years ago, when she couldn't find someone in Philadelphia that could cut curly hair.

"I felt that there was definitely a lack of hair stylists that offered services for people like me," said McMutcheon.

Being a hairstylist herself, she knew that caring for curly hair was something that was never taught in hair school.

"They don't look at curly hair as education in hair school, it's still considered a niche, it's not expected for you to know," she said.

McMutcheon decided to teach herself by watching YouTube videos and practicing on friends.

She eventually opened her salon, Tori Did That, in June.

She says women have always been taught that straight hair is more polished and professional but she wants to help more women embrace their locks in an environment where they feel comfortable.