Meet the Raleigh native who is Cam Newton's right-hand man

Mark Armstrong Image
Saturday, July 28, 2018

SPARTANBURG, SC (WTVD) -- I happened to share an elevator with David Ricks on Thursday and noticed that on his credential where the media affiliation is normally listed, his said only "Cam Newton."

Since I'm a curious sort (and a reporter, duh) I had to ask: what exactly do you do?

I'm glad I asked because it turns out Ricks is Cam Newton's primary documentarian, be it with pictures or video. He's also a Raleigh native.

That amazing birthday video from last year? Ricks had a hand in that. That recent workout video on Cam's Instagram? Also partly the handiwork of Ricks and his team. He calls himself Cam's "Creative Director."

David Ricks spends much of his time pointing a camera at Cam Newton.

It's a job that's taken him places he'd likely never have been otherwise and one that will likely get a lot bigger and more comprehensive in coming years.

"Pretty much as crazy as you could imagine," Ricks said. "Cam's always on the go, super-high energy. He expects everyone around him to have the same energy and the same love and passion for what they do."

This Southeast Raleigh grad is living the dream.

"Definitely a dream job," Ricks said. "Honestly, the sky's the limit. Cam's definitely opened a lot of doors, and we're trying to build something special."