'I would've died before that guy came in' Hero bouncer recalls blocking entrance to bar in Dayton shooting

DAYTON, Ohio -- When Jeremy Ganger, a bouncer at the Dayton bar Ned Peppers, saw a gunman approaching on the street in the early hours of Sunday morning, he did everything he could to usher innocent people inside and make sure the gunman wouldn't follow them.

"I would've died before that guy came in," Ganger told "Good Morning America" in an exclusive interivew. "There was no way I was going to let anyone get hurt."

A bystander, Dylan Arnold, shot video of those moments from inside the bar. In the video. you can see Ganger under the doorway as the gunman -- who authorities have identified as 24-year-old Conor Betts -- approaches.

Ganger said Betts spotted him and paused.

"He looked at me straight in the eye," Ganger recalled. "You see him pause for a second -- it's because he's looking at me. Like, 'Why are you holding the door?' So he knew I was there waiting. That's what I wanted him to know. I hope I'm the last thing he remembered."

At that point, about 200 people were in the bar behind Ganger.

"I was going to try to stand my ground the best I could," Ganger said. "The next thing I know, he's being shot by an officer."

Police shot and killed Betts before he could enter the bar. In a rampage that authorities say lasted less than 30 seconds, the gunman had killed nine people and injured more than two dozen others.

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Arnold said Ganger's heroic acts saved his life.

"If he wasn't there and if the officers weren't there, I know I'd be gone one of the first gone," Arnold said.

Ganger, who said he'd do it all over agin, was in the hospital for three days with shrapnel in his leg. He's out of the hospital now, but the metal remains in his leg.

Investigators are still searching for a motive. Whatever the motive, Ganger said he's going back to his daily life because he won't let the shooter win.

"If I don't go back to work, he wins," he said. "He took something away from all of us if we don't go back. He's not gonna beat me."


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