Amber Alert issued for missing Texas baby after mother found stabbed

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Baby missing
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The search continues for a missing baby girl whose mother was found stabbed to death.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Investigators said a baby girl is missing after her mother was found fatally stabbed.

An Amber Alert has been issued for 6-week-old Shanally Flores, who was nowhere to be found when police were called to her family's home Greenspoint, Texas.

Houston police initially believed the baby was with Thomas Bernardez, the child's father. However, he was found in San Antonio.

Police say he did not have Shanally with him and that he denied having anything to do with the murder of Shanally's mother.

Bernardez was called a person of interest on Tuesday. Investigators aren't saying if that's still the case. He hasn't been charged with anything so far.

There has been conflicting information about Shanally's age and size. Law enforcement has provided a description of the baby as being 30 inches tall and 20 pounds. She is believed to be Honduran and possibly black or of mixed origin.

If you know where the baby is, call Houston police at (713) 308-3600.

The mother, Carolina Flores, moved to the states from Honduras about 5 years ago in search for a better life.

"Hard-working woman, hard-working came from nothing. Came out here to provide for her kids and to get something out of life because in Honduras there's nothing. She came out here to get something," said her cousin, Jenny Lopez.

Family members say Flores worked at a local hotel and was also a caregiver.

Lopez says she had an inkling something was wrong. She says after Flores had her baby girl in November, she began to act differently and wouldn't talk about the baby's father. Lopez says she appeared afraid, but wouldn't go to police because she was in the country illegally.