Moore County welcomes purrfect deputy, Peanut, back on duty

MOORE COUNTY (WTVD) -- On Wednesday, the Moore County Sheriff's Office announced that deputy Peanut is back on duty, ready to take down any bad guys - and rodents - who terrorize the county.

Deputy Peanut is a Moore County Sheriff's Office Animal Services (MCSOAS) shelter cat and like all county personnel, Peanut works hard to protect his citizens.

Deputies said their co-worker's expertise is companionship; he is paired up with MCSOAS visitors for dog and cat compatibility and serves as a foster dad for troubled kittens. Nope, we're not kitten!

When the shelter receives a new, furry guest, they get a medical checkup and take a personality test - to partially ensure that they are Peanut-approved.

In addition to his many duties, deputies said Peanut serves as the morale enforcer for staff.

"We can't discount Deputy Peanut's many contributions," joked sheriff Neil Godfrey. "Deputy Peanut serves as a litmus test ensuring compatibility of adoptable animals. He is well cared for, loved by all, and serves a key role for Moore County Sheriff's Office Animal Services."

Staff seemed to be happy with Peanut's presence, adding he's a purrfect fit!
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