Diaper Bank of NC needs supplies for McDougald Terrace families

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Diaper Bank of North Carolina is known for supporting families in times of disaster. When hundreds of families were forced out of their Durham homes, the diaper bank swooped in to help.

For the last three weeks, the diaper bank has distributed 100,000 diapers to people displaced from their McDougald Terrace homes.

"Formula, baby wipes, all kinds of hygiene items. Anything these families might need to be comfortable while they're displaced," said Jannice Verne, Diaper Bank of NC associate director.

Nearly 280 hardworking families are now living in hotels after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected in about 300 of the complex's units. Now the diaper bank is sending supplies to them regularly, but supplies are not endless.

Now, the diaper bank needs your help.

"We know that this work is going to be ongoing and so we have run low on some sizes-2s and 5s-but we also know that we have a strong community that is going to help us get through that," Old said.

If you would like to donate supplies, you can find drop-off locations on the diaper bank's website. They'll also host their first gala on February 29 to raise money for organization.

"Families are literally making choices between buying food and buying diapers. And when you throw in a crisis like this it is your most vulnerable that are then affected," said Michelle Old, Diaper Bank of NC founder. "To see families hurting face to face but also knowing that we have something tangible that can help them with has really been a powerful experience for our organization."
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