Tim Allen is back in season two of Disney+'s 'The Santa Clauses'

Disney+ prepares for the season with laugh out loud holiday comedies.

ByMichael Goldfine OTRC logo
Tuesday, November 7, 2023
Tim Allen is back in season two of Disney+'s 'The Santa Clauses'
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Disney+ gets into the holiday season with season two of 'The Santa Clauses,' 'The Naughty Nine' and 'Dashing Through the Snow.'

LOS ANGELES -- Looking for some laughs this holiday season? Well, Hollywood has a bunch of good reasons to be jolly!

First up, Tim Allen is back in the red suit, as he once again gives his special spin on Christmas in season two of "The Santa Clauses." There are plenty of familiar faces, but what we're really excited about are the new ones - namely Erik Stonestreet, Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, and Tracey Morgan as the Easter Bunny. Check it out on Disney+ November 8th!

Next, it's tough being a "naughty" kid around Christmas time, that's the premise of the "The Naughty Nine." It's the story of a group of kids who feel scorned by Santa and plan the ultimate holiday heist! The original movie premieres on November 22 on Disney Channel and streams the next day on Disney+!

Finally, it's time to go "Dashing Through the Snow," with Lil Rel Howery and Chris "Ludacris Bridges" as a dad who rediscovers the magic of Christmas. The movie premieres November 17 on Disney+.

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