Firefighter rescues family dog in Roxboro

ROXBORO, NC (WTVD) -- Two weeks ago, Joanne Tuck's home in Roxboro caught fire.

"It just make me shudder to suppose we had been in there," she said. "Smoke everywhere."

While the family wasn't home when the blaze started, their two dogs were.

"People were trying to make me sit down. I couldn't sit down. I was crying. I was hyperventilating," said Tuck.

Knowing her two rescue dogs Leon and Lucy were inside, Tuck did what she could to get them out.

The Tuck family is reunited with their rescued dog.

"I opened the door and hollered for both of them and then Leon finally teetered on out but Lucy didn't," Tuck recalled. "All I saw was smoke."

"I would be lost without them," said Tuck. "She rescued me."

Volunteer Roxboro firefighter Adam Morris with Joanne Tuck and her rescued dog.

Volunteer Roxboro firefighter Adam Morris heard the Tuck's crying for their pet and he knew he had just minutes to find her alive, so he went right in.

"When we got to the door it was full of thick black smoke so you couldn't see your hand in front of you," he recalled. "I got down on my hands and knees checking underneath the beds, and crawled over to the foot of the bed and that's when I found her."

Lucy was hiding from the smoke and fire ravaging the home. Morris said she was scared, but he pulled her into his arms and carried her out.

So while the Tuck family lost their belongings, their pets were saved.

"The family is watching their stuff burn up and going through a lot of pain and misery at that time but we were able to find little Lucy and bring her out to at least show them some comfort," said Morris.

"They were all angels, all angels, every one of them," said Tuck.

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