The Dollar Tree now sells ribeye steaks

HOUSTON -- Ribeye steaks for sale at the Dollar Tree?

It sounds to be good to be true, but the store's latest craze has the Internet sizzling with reviews.

The frozen, boneless beef steaks come pre-seasoned in a brine. Workers say they cannot keep them in stock, but how do they taste?

With $10 in hand, ABC11's sister-station KTRK took two thrifty shoppers to pick up some dinner and put them to the test!

One thing they noticed right away was that at 3.5 ounces, the ribeyes were very thin and got even thinner on the grill. But the steaks are good for portion control or for those cooking for one or two people.

"I live alone so this is perfect. You can make a meal with two little packs, a dollar each," one tester told us.

The tasters said they were a little chewy, but not bad for $1.

"I'm very shocked. It's better than I thought it would be, absolutely," one tester said.

Instead of serving them as steaks, our testers suggested using them in fajitas.

The steaks are from the brand Stampede, which is also sold in other major retailers but in larger portions.

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