Downtown Raleigh worker confronts unlikely vandal

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- A downtown Raleigh worker jumped into action when she saw someone scrawling graffiti on a building.

Felise Knight was headed to her office along Davie Street on Tuesday when the encounter happened.

"I work down here and so I'm down her often early in the morning, and so it was just very unusual to see someone doing something like that and so I thought I'd ask her to stop," said Knight.

Knight wasn't surprised that the suspect cursed her, threatened her, and tried to spit on her, but she was surprised that the vandal was a 51-year-old woman.

Lamonica Pearson Brunson

"She got a little belligerent with me. She said some bad words to me but she kind of walked off," said Knight.

Knight said that's when she called the police.

Officers who arrested Lamonica Brunson said they found a marker in her hand scrawling on another building in the next block of Davie Street.

Although the graffiti has been cleaned and painted over, you can still make out some of the words such as "Abomination Artificial Intelligence."

There's also references to "Gomorrah," the biblical sin city.

Police have charged Brunson with two counts of graffiti vandalism and one count of communicating threats.

Those charges add to Brunson's long arrest record; something that came up in court Wednesday afternoon when she faced a judge and asked to get out of jail without posting any money.

Brunson asked, "Is there any way that I can get my bond unsecured for graffiti?"

Wake County District Court Judge Keith Gregory responded, "No, ma'am. Your record is, you're a prior record level three. You have a pretty massive record, ma'am."

Despite the fact that her three latest charges are just misdemeanors, Brunson remained behind bars Wednesday evening.
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