Forbes names Duke best college in the South

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Friday, August 4, 2017
Image source: Wikimedia commons

When it comes to bragging rights, Duke University can claim the number one spot in the South (at least according to Forbes magazine).

According to Forbes, Duke is the best college in the South (three other NC schools fill out the top 10).


"Duke University of Durham, NC, has earned back its title as the Best Southern College in 2017, after slipping into second place last year. Formally founded in 1924, it is a regional powerhouse, competitive with the Ivies and the Atlantic Coast Conference Division, particularly with its arch-rival, UNC-Chapel Hill, another top 10 Southern school. Duke is also the only school in the South to finish in the top 10 overall."

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill came in at no. 10, Wake Forest in eighth place and Davidson secured the no. 5 spot.

You can view the entire list here.