31-in-31: Two of NHL's most dedicated fans going to 31 games in 31 days

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's no secret the sport of hockey is growing, especially in the Triangle, and two of the NHL's most dedicated fans got a taste of that Friday night at PNC Arena.

Tim Trad and Matt Conger are no strangers to road trips, both have been touring with bands in the past, but they've never done anything quite like this: the duo are traveling to see 31 hockey games in 31 days.

"That's something that once you do that, it's hard for a little bit, but at the end, it's like 'Yeah this is the thing I've accomplished,'" said Trad. "It's a good story forever."

"Everybody's so excited for what we're doing like this is my dream," Conger said. "I didn't think anybody ever thought about it before, but everybody's like, I want to do this one day like when I retire, this is what I want to do. and everybody's been super supportive and the NHL has been great all the teams have been wonderful to u.s"

Trad and Conger will travel a total of 35,000 miles via tour van to 14 different arenas then taking 20 or so flights to get to all 31 hockey games in 31 days.

"I had time off of work," said Conger. "I travel a lot for games around the country as it is and I just thought we should just try to knock them out 31 in 31. It took four weeks to plan it, but we're halfway through now."

The two are more than halfway done making stop number 18 in Raleigh to see the Canes host the Devils

"I mean the tailgating here is fun," Conger said. "I think, Carolina has like a special breed of hockey fans and the rest of the world doesn't know about."

Conger said every day is a new challenge but of course it's worth it to get to travel the country watching the game he loves.

"Every game is different," he added. "We're seeing new teams basically every day, which is exciting. I wouldn't say that we're, we're tired of the hockey or anything it's just a matter of like every morning waking up, and being like we have to go like the urgency is there."

Tim and Matt have been documenting their journey in hopes to make a full documentary once it's all over.
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