Durham Bulls Athletic Park temporarily transforms into 9-hole golf course

DURHAM (WTVD) -- There's no doubt about it, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park is one of the jewels of the Triangle sports scene. It is of course normally the home of the Bulls but for the next five days it has been transformed into Lolligagger Links.

"A couple of us on our staff are in charge of mapping out what would be the best course," said Bulls Assistant GM Scott Strickland. "We were a little worried about our video board so we tried to protect it. So we're focused on nine irons and wedges - working on the short game out here."

It's a reimagining of the DBAP. Instead of watching balls fly out of the park, Bulls fans can take their turn launching them in from every corner of the stadium.

"Our caddies have the most precious responsibility from a safety standpoint, gathering people in the ballpark and then walking them through the course. But we've carefully designed the walking trail to where you won't be in front of a golfer. So we're open to all ages, all abilities," said Strickland.

For $25 greens fees, you get nine themed holes in all, complete with hazards.

"Strokes are assessed to hitting in the water or the sand traps so we've got two sand trap holes and two water holes that hopefully you do not find," said Strickland.

It all builds to a grand finale on nine.

"Crash's Corner, which is the ninth tee. You'll aim for the Bull, and hopefully hit the Bull, and we don't want to give out the prize just yet but if you come and you hit the Bull, you'll get a decent prize to end your round," said Strickland.

The golf is great, the vantage points and views are fantastic. It's a unique DBAP experience for the thousands who've missed populating the park this past summer.


This will be a true opportunity for Bulls fans to come back out, put the Bulls gear back on and enjoy the ballpark that they've formed so many memories with mainly through baseball. Now they'll be able to channel those memories through golf.
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