Durham councilwoman wants extra review of DPD officers involved in fatal shooting

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Thursday, December 15, 2016
Durham councilwoman wants extra review of DPD officers
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A Durham councilwoman is asking for an extra review of the officers involved in a fatal shooting

DURHAM (WTVD) -- A Durham city council member wants the officers involved in a deadly police shooting to be fired or, at least, disciplined.

Frank Clark, 34, was fatally shot by police in the McDougald Terrace neighborhood on Nov. 22.

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In a news conference hours after the deadly encounter, Durham Police Chief C.J. Davis said while police were speaking with Clark, the officers saw Clark make "a sudden movement" toward the waistband of his pants.

Police said they heard a gunshot and responded with gunfire.

The family claims Clark was unarmed, but police say a gun was found at his side. Now, councilwoman Jillian Johnson wants Chief Davis to review excessive force complaints to see if it warrants firing the officers involved.

Councilman Charlie Reece agrees.

"I think Jillian raised a number of really important points in her email to the city manager and council," Reese explained. "I think anyone that has read these press reports can't help but be concerned about the accounts that are out there about the history of the officers that were involved in the shooting death of Frank Clark."

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On Monday, the city manager and city attorney will discuss Johnson's request in a closed meeting.

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