'I put up the sign because no one was doing anything:' Durham family responds to hit and run in front of house

Josh Chapin Image
Thursday, July 12, 2018

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- A Durham mom is speaking out after a hit and run right in front of her family's house.

It happened last Tuesday in the 1200 block of Vickers Avenue, between Cobb and Lakewood.

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured part of the crash that totaled the family's Volvo.

Thankfully, the family was sleeping at the time and nobody was in the car.

"It's a great neighborhood," said Jill Sergison, a mother of two. "There's more kids on the street than there used to be."

Jill and her husband, Peter, moved to this home on Vickers Street four years ago.

"I walk to work, we drive very little," Jill said. "It's a very central place for our lives right now. It's just a really active community but the traffic is pretty outrageous."

When the Sergisons first moved in, a car came speeding through the intersection of Cobb and Vickers, clipped another car and flipped in their driveway.

In response to this latest incident last week, Jill hung a banner from their totaled Volvo.

The sign reads: "This could have been a child and speed kills."

"It's not just for our kids on the street or the adults," Jill said. "It's for the people in Southside and throughout Forest Hills and all the people that are using this as a walking path to downtown."

The crash tore off the axle of their parked car and moved it "a good four feet."

They filed a report with the Durham Police Department.

"I'm not paid to figure this stuff out," Jill said. "There are people who are, and I want them to do their job and figure it out."

She's hoping the state will step in to do something. She suggests lowering the speed limit from 35 to 30, having Durham Police patrol the neighborhood more and putting a light in at Cobb and Vickers.