Porch Poach PSA: Durham Police warn of package thefts during holidays in 'Grinch' PSA

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nearly a week before Christmas, Durham police are reminding you to be mindful of online orders you place and how you're receiving them.

DPD put up a public safety announcement on YouTube warning people of the prevalence of package thefts.

In the video, a Grinch is seen stealing packages from a porch only to be met by an arresting officer.

Tips to make sure porch pirates don't steal your packages

Tips DPD suggests include: "Requiring a signature, shipping your package to work, tracking packages through alerts and installing a doorbell camera."

In the beginning of November, DPD said it began receiving several reports of larcenies of delivered packages from residents. District 2 had seven cases.

Last week, it arrested two people in connection to those cases.

"It's just the audacity of 'You're going to come on my porch and grab something that's mine,'" said Melanie Masserant, who lives in East Durham.

She had had a box taken of her door step in late November and reported the theft to police. She also had surveillance video which showed the thief lingering after picking up the box.

The box contained shoes and a sweater.

"You can't adapt your life and be around 24/7 making sure these things don't happen," she said.

Luckily Masserant said her credit card refunded her money back.
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