'This is a hate crime, and we will find you': Vandals damage car of Black Lives Matter advocate

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- The windshield of Shon Green's car has a web of tiny cracks radiating from the point where something hit the glass with intense force. It's the latest, vivid sign that he's the apparent target of people who don't like his support of Black Lives Matter. That message is displayed on the windshield, decals on all of the car's doors and his license plate frame.

Green said the first incident happened on July 3, when he said the vandals spray painted over one of his Black Lives Matter decals.

The second occurred about one month later, this time with the vandals "writing in permanent marker, and notes. I also received a death threat as well," Green said.

Since then, Green said he's received multiple threats on social media.

"Yeah, I've received death threats from anonymous accounts, on Instagram, Twitter," he said.

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Last Thursday, he said the vandals struck again.

"September 3, there was paint all over the car. My whole windshield was painted on the front. Every single decal was sprayed in white and black spray paint," Green said.

Three days later, his windshield was damaged. Green said he filed police reports, but officers told him they couldn't do anything beyond taking the report.

Durham Police Department did not respond to a request for comment on the investigation.

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Green also said the managers of his apartment community told him they have no security cameras installed.

"I've ordered cameras that will be here soon," Green said. "I can't say where they're gonna be placed but yes, I have ordered cameras."

He said he will share any footage of additional vandalism with the police, and offered this message for those responsible:

"You are sending out discouragement and hate to a whole group of people," Green said. "This is not some small act. This is a hate crime, and we will find you. Even if we were not to, God knows where you are. But we will find you and you will be apprehended, and you will pay for these crimes."
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