Durham church hosts vigil in light of recent violence

Saturday, July 23, 2016
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A vigil was held Friday in Durham in light of the recent violence around the world

DURHAM (WTVD) -- The Immaculate Conception Church in Durham hosted a Vigil of Mercy and Compassion Friday night after weeks of violence.

They said they wanted to give people a place to put their grief given the volatile climate in our nation and around the world.

"We feel this is an all hands on deck moment," said Reba Heggs, a member of what organizers call the Social Justice Committee.

That committee organized Friday's vigil. Heggs and other members are hoping to send a message that the answer to violence is not more violence.

"I am very much aware of how fear can dominate everyone's life," said Heggs. "We're here to raise each other up."

People of all ages, races, and faiths gathered under the holy roof to urge each other to do something good in communities that they can reach.

"We can encourage people to feed the hungry and take care of people in our community, and that will help make a difference," said Marie Vetter, another member of the Social Justice Committee.

"We have to turn to a power outside ourselves," said Bishop Michael Burbidge with the Diocese of Raleigh, who went on to say that power comes from faith.

He also said the first step in a world in need of healing is forgiveness.

"We who are recipients of mercy and forgiveness, have to be vessels of those same gifts," Burbidge shared.

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