Double refund wrongly given to eBay buyer, Wendell man says

WENDELL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Popular website eBay is known for buying and selling items, but it is important to know the policies before exchanging on the site. A Wendell man ran into problems after issuing a refund for a returned item.

Larry Rose enjoys restoring cars, and also selling classic car horns on eBay.

After selling one of his horns, the buyer claimed it did not work and wanted a refund. Despite Larry's eBay listing saying that he does not offer returns, the buyer sent it back.

Larry showed me that the horn still worked, but he still sent the buyer a personal check for $300, the cost of the horn minus the shipping charges.

The buyer cashed the check, but eBay sent another refund.

"There was no reason for them to be sending this money back to this guy when I have already refunded him," Larry said.

Upset, Larry disputed the second refund.

"The president's office at eBay contacted me and they told me the same thing: 'too bad, it's your problem, nothing we can do about it,'" Larry said. "That's when I said 'well, there's not much else to do but call you.'"

I got in touch with eBay and Larry was smiling again.

"I spent three months trying to get eBay to do something and all they would do is charge me $314.60. You got involved, three days later they put the money back in my account. I mean yeah, it worked to get you involved," he said.

You can find a eBay's payment policies here

Checks are not listed as an allowed payment.

EBay issued this statement:

"eBay is committed to providing a fair and safe marketplace for all buyers and sellers. We want to ensure a trusted marketplace for our customers, where they can buy and sell with confidence, knowing that eBay has the people, policies and processes in place to protect them. eBay has clear policies around accepted forms of payment, which includes requiring a seller to refund their buyer via their original payment method."

The best advice, look over website policies on any buying and selling website before exchanging merchandise.

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